Rainbow Onyx Light Tower

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Rainbow Onyx finished into a beautiful light tower that will warm up any room of living area.

Rainbow Onyx is a natural healing stone believed to bring healing, energy, and vibrancy.

Rainbow Onyx is excellent in assisting with the following:

  • Allowing for the better flow of positive energies
  • Creating the feeling of lightness and vibrancy
  • Dispelling negative energies
  • Fluorite brings about health and renewal
  • Enhancing personal insight in life

This square shaped light tower has an opening at the bottom so that you can easily swap out the light bulbs to adjust the temperature of the lighting you want inside the light tower.

The top is flat and covered, and can handle up to 150 lbs of weight on top.

Length: 20 in.

Width: 20 in.

Height: 6, 4 and 3 ft available